Team Blackstone - DHS Enterprise Acquisition Gateway for Leading-Edge Solutions II (EAGLE II)

Blackstone Technology Group is a prime contractor for the DHS EAGLE II IDIQ contract (Contract Number: HSHQDC-13-D-E2046). Blackstone will support task orders under the Functional Category 2 - Unrestricted Track. The services included under Functional Category 2 cover all areas of IT policy and planning including capital planning, strategic planning, workforce planning, budget execution, performance management, enterprise architecture, data management, information sharing, information security, training, enterprise resource management, business process re-engineering, IT transformation and strategy, organizational change management, and program management office support.

DHS EAGLE II Task OrdersTeam Blackstone Partners (text version here)

Team Blackstone Recent DHS Experience

Blackstone Technology Group (Blackstone), and the partners supporting Team Blackstone, are leaders in the delivery of IT Program Support Services, serving DHS since its inception, while maintaining a long and distinguished track-record of delivering services and solutions relevant to Functional Category 2. Team Blackstone’s has consistently delivered creative and innovative solutions critical to the success of the Homeland Security community and DHS mission. Team Blackstone’s has demonstrated our experience through high quality delivery across a wide range of IT projects and technologies. Team Blackstone is agile, accessible, and accountable, and it thoroughly understands the program support and delivery requirements associated with Functional Category 2 and the broader DHS mission. Our experience includes prime and sub-contractor support for:

• USCIS Avant
• ICE TECS Modernization
• USCIS Transformation
• DHS HSIN Outreach/Communications
• USCIS OIT/Enterprise Architecutre

Team Blackstone’s Quality Assurance Program

Team Blackstone’s approach for ensuring quality program and task order management, and effective organizational roles, responsibilities, coordination and quality control, is governed by a chartered Executive Management Committee, the EAGLE II Program Group (EPG) and realized through our EAGLE II Program Management Framework (EPMF). The EPG construct has proven successful within similar contract vehicles and tailored exclusively for EAGLE II program governance and risk mitigation. The EPMF was designed leveraging team best practices and tailored based on our strong understanding of DHS. The EPMF provides a repeatable model for contract execution, while ensuring task order management processes and contract management procedures are effective.

Team Blackstone’s Quality Assurance Program includes processes for ensuring delivered products satisfy program requirements, contractual agreements, meet or exceed quality standards, and comply with approved Department of Homeland Security (DHS) standards, every phase of delivery. These processes involve reviewing and auditing the program, systems, tasks, and deliverables to verify they comply with the applicable procedures and standards outlined in the programs and projects supported. Team Blackstone’s Quality Assurance Program consists of individuals with appropriate technical knowledge of all tasks areas included on DHS EAGLE II Functional Category 2. The Blackstone Program Manager for DHS EAGLE II, and all project/tasks leads, must adhere to processes, procedures and standards, and work with the lead for Quality Assurance that is part of the Team Blackstone Contract Management Team.

EAGLE II Task Orders Received

Team Blackstone will post any task orders received under the EAGLE II contract.